BKON Project


BKON Project

1.The BKON project offers users an investment and lifestyle platform connected to the real economy, centered   around KONDOR's blockchain networks: KONPAY, VEXK, and V-PAY.

2.It provides a blockchain ecosystem that revolves around NODE, fostering growth and development.

3.It establishes a TOKEN community and provides high-value investment opportunities aligned with the expansion of the KONDOR group.

4.By applying and integrating the convertible bond structure actively used in the existing financial sector, the BKON ecosystem maximizes investment stability and profit potential.

5.Through the KON network, it enables balanced investments, eliminating the drawbacks of traditional passive investment opportunities and offering proactive investment chances for generating profits.

6.It alleviates the disadvantages inherent in the limitations of existing TOKEN ecosystems through the KON network.

Balanced Development

BKON maintains a balanced relationship with KON, intending to evolve its ecosystem for the efficient growth of a market that serves to activate the KONDOR ecosystem.
By holding BKON, individuals receive additional BKON through distribution, leading to an increase in the quantity held. This increase in holdings correlates with a rise in the individual value of BKON holdings, and the incentivization of additional holdings helps drive the price increase of BKON. When BKON holders convert to specific products, they can purchase these products at a discounted price compared to the price at the time of conversion, thus generating extra profit. Additionally, when BKON is used in conversion, it's burnt, leading to an increase in the value of BKON.



BKON Economy Structure

The BKON Economy revolves around participants forming the BKON Community. Members who participate in the BKON Community and engage on the KONDOR Blockchain Network will experience differentiation in BKON NODEs based on their BKON holdings. These differentiated NODE Levels will entitle them to reward benefits.
All participants holding BKON can access financial products offered by the BKON Platform and receive profits in accordance with the BKON Reward System, which aligns with the financial products.
BKON holders can receive ongoing dividend benefits merely through their holding contribution, without requiring any specific activity. They will also receive profits generated by the company and the Community through the BKON NODE Reward System.



Phase 1

Platform Development
Global Exchange Listing
BKON Network configuration
Various SNS Community configuration (10,000+)
BKON Holder 10,000 +
Platform Network 30+
Phase 2

Communities Partnership
Community Expanding Participation (30,000+)
Additional CEX Listing & 30,000+ holders
Publishing BKON digital Newsletter
Formation of BKON Fandom Group
Platform Network 60+
Phase 2

T1 CEX Listings (100,000 + holders)
BKON Commumity Academy
BKON Network SNS
Platform Network 100+